Design Philosophy

Our efforts at Olsen Design and Development, Inc. revolve principally around two fundamentals: great places requires exceptional design; and public spaces, what we call “the commons,” make a difference to our quality of life.

As for design, the devil really is in the details. Starting with every home, we consider sunlight, topography, neighboring structures, impact on the environment and most certainly the homeowner’s needs. Bringing all of these together into a coherent design requires continual attention to the aesthetic and overall design principles of the neighborhood. As a result of this emphasis on the “big picture,” our homes and neighborhoods are uniquely cohesive and livable.

Such attention is crucial to our second fundamental, the creation of lively public spaces. Walking a dog or taking a jog on the sidewalk lined with trees and beautiful front porches is an improvement to the quality of our lives.  We are committed to making the pedestrian experience excellent.  Additionally, such amenities as community gardens, urban farms, pocket parks, neighborhood sport courts all add a level of opportunity and richness to “the commons.”

Attention to these two fundamentals help Olsen Design and Development, Inc. achieve great neighborhoods that foster real and meaningful community.