Edwards Addition

The idea of Edwards Addition germinated in 2000 when the property was no more than an 88 acre grass seed field being farmed by Eric Olsen’s brother, Roger. At the time, Olsen Design and Development, Inc. was building a few homes each year and also provided consulting engineering services. Eric approached his family about growing not grass seed there but seeding something else–a community. The development wouldn’t follow the traditional suburbia model of streets lined with garage doors. Instead, it would be done in a new way, or actually kind of an old way.

New Urbanism, a concept of emulating many of the design principles from the turn-ofthe-century neighborhoods, was proving to be extremely successful around the country. Turning away from the architecture of garage doors, these communities were embracing the pedestrian and livability of our modern neighborhoods. They were beginning to embrace the street; making it a place to play, to walk and enjoy. A place to cherish.

Our first home was sold in 2002 and as of summer of 2017, we will have most of the 200 lots with homes and neighbors living in them. There are a wide range of housing types and lot sizes: tiny 700 square foot homes, 3000 square foot multigenerational houses and many more traditional small, medium and large plans. All of these help us encourage a variety of housing options. This ultimately provides the fertile soil for a rich and diverse community.

Edwards Addition Phase 7 is now in the final stages of planning and will be available to begin construction in Summer of 2017

Features Overview

The Big Picture

Edwards Addition, what we call “a new traditional neighborhood,” is inspired by those old great neighborhoods found throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Each house has a welcoming front porch which embraces the neighborhood. Sidewalks are shaded by trees which are growing in a generous street lawn which helps create a natural buffer between the home and the street.  Pocket parks, community agriculture/gardening, and neighborhood events all contribute to the livability of this well designed community.  The amenities that Edwards Addition offers are what make it such a wonderful place to call home.

Urban Farm

Village Farm at Edwards Addition

From April until October, our Village Farm is about growing things–food, friendships and community.  We grow around five tons of organic local fruits and vegetables each year for Edwards Addition neighbors.  There is permanent irrigation in place and a cooler for food pick-up (usually twice a week).  The farm eventually will cover up to three acres and house the community garden.  Similar to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model, interested Edwards Addition residents can work on the farm in exchange for produce or they can buy a share of what the farm produces.  It’s local and all organic–what could be more sustainable than that?


Village Green

The Village Green is at the heart of the neighborhood and available for birthday parties, neighborhood events or just a place to chat. Our annual Spring Party (often with a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny) begins our good weather events. Our last big event is typically the Fall Harvest Party to celebrate our year’s bounty from the Village Farm at Edwards Addition.

Pocket Parks

John Stewart Parks

Pocket parks are a big part of what makes our neighborhoods so livable. These walkable amenities are a wonderful place for young and old to play and enjoy. John Stewart Park is equipped with a wild and colorful play structure for the youngest among us to show what many of us can only dream of still doing.

East Park

As we expand our development to the east (Phase 6) East Park will include the existing basketball court as well as a new bocci court for those not up to banging heads with the “hot shot” high schoolers shooting three pointers.

People & Things

People, the neighbors, are what turns our series of beautiful houses into a real community. Consistently, the people who live in Edwards Addition comment that living here is more than just residing in a house on a street in a town.  Neighbors know each other, they look out for each other, they socialize with one another.  Cider pressing in the fall, monthly book club gatherings, harvesting food at the Village Farm, Friday night “literary society”–these are just a few of the many activities formed by residents looking to make life in Edwards Addition even better.

Master Plan