Fairview Addition
Fairview Discovering Salem’s Fairview Master Plan authored in early 2000’s by a team of invested and visionary local citizens was the perfect end to our search for a location in Salem to bring our designs and development philosophy of livability.

Their Master Plan clearly states the overarching principles (see below) of how this 275 acres will be developed: These ideas in many ways capture the living reality of Edwards Addition in Monmouth.

Therefore, it provided us a very fertile field for our new 50-acre neighborhood in Salem featuring front porches, garages in the back, tree lined streets, pocket parks, an amphitheater and community agriculture.

We are just staring Phase 3—with more lovely views looking north and east. It’s now a neighborhood.

Sustainable Land Use Principles of the Plan

1. Build in Economics and Social Diversity
2. Create a Center
3. Re-use, retrofit
4. Create Local Employment
5. Build Innovative Green Buildings

Download a pdf of the entire Sustainable Fairview Master Plan


fairview masterplan